Did you already know?

The diving mask belongs to the ABC equipment (mask, snorkel and fins) for diving.
The human eyes need an air space to focus. The mask built up this air space between water and eyes. That’s why we can see clear underwater.
The most important thing on a dive mask is, the nose has to be enclosed in the mask, so you are able to equalize the air space behind it.
It is also possible to put some corrected lenses in the mask, where the glasses are. Or you are using your contact lenses, if you used to it.




We do need the regulator for scuba diving,, that we are able to breathe underwater. This could be normal air or a gas mix. But do you know what SCUBA means?
SCUBA = Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apperatus




The Octopus (alternate air source), is an extra second stage for using air with a body should the need arise. Many are brightly colored, with a longer hose. But why we called it Octopus?
Once upon a time regulator sets were simple, first twin-hose then single hose with a single second stage, hose number 1. Along the way a hose grew into consoles with a SPG or depth gauge, hose number 2. Buoyancy control devices got more sophisticated and so a 3th hose was added to make the addition of lift just a button push away. Then someone got the idea that hanging another second stage on there would be handy so enter hose number 4.
The whole regulator, with minimum 4 hoses on, looks like an Octopus.




BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) is made to make different kinds of buoyancy.

  1. Positive (we use it to stay on the surface without wasting energy)
  2. Negative (to descent)
  3. Neutral (not to break any corals or disturb aquatic sea life on the bottom, neither swimming on the surface)




Diving Computers give us every 30 seconds an update of our dive depth, dive time and actual bottom time.
Because of a detailed diving profile it is possible to calculate the rest of you dive and the assent phase.
Diving computers makes a dive safer, if you are staying in the limits, but we recommend strongly, that you are reading the instruction manual first, before you are using the computer. A diving computer is also NO guaranty to get no accident underwater. Please follow always all standards of diving procedures.