SSI Diving Courses

Scuba Schools International


SSI was founded in the USA in 1970 and belongs today to one of the biggest Diving Course Organizations for sport divers. And also we, Scuba Quest Kamala, teach after the guidelines of Scuba Schools International (SSI). The certification cards are also recognized all over the world. SSI presents a very good learning concept, has first class study material for beginners and advanced divers.


The motto of SSI is to never use the number of divers one has taught for greatness, instead using the quality of every single course. In SSI, your needs are the biggest priority. For almost SSI dive courses, there is a large quantum learning system, that consists of the course book, quizzes and a interactive DVD. These perfect learning materials allow us to form the course according to your needs. But, if you want to learn your theoretical knowledge in a different way, SSI also has a online learning course, where you can study comfortable from home or on the road.



SSI Try Scuba Diving is a perfect opportunity to try scuba diving without a course. This experience is coming with a free online training.




The SSI Open Water Diver course is the beginning for the adventure called Diving. Specialty courses, lead you to a new level of knowledge. You, therefore, also arrive at the higher qualification levels of the SSI course system. 2 Special courses and 12 proven dives, make you into a Specialty Diver and with 4 specialties and 24 dives, you would be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver.


With 4 Specialty courses, plus the course Stress and Rescue, as well as 50 dives, you would arrive at the highest level for Fun Divers, the Master Diver.




The Dive Professional course at Scuba Quest Kamala is very personal and emphasizes your knowledge and personality. Here, you could go as high as the Dive Con and become part of our team. The SSI dive guide program is a easy way, and the first step of becoming a SSI dive professional, without the responsibility and dedication of a SSI Open Water Instructor. For those divers, who want to take the path of the SSI dive professional, the education to the dive guide is the first step. The concept of the SSI dive guide programs is based on many practical usages, background information and flexibility.


The goal is to train good prepared, versatile and for the diving industry precious dive professionals. Dive guides can lead dive trips and is able to lead dives for certified divers. They can carry out snorkel trips, if they take the Snorkeling Instructor Program. If you take the Science of Diving specialty program and the Dive Guide course together, you'd become a SSI Divemaster.




Science of diving is a theory specialty and doesn't need any dives. It takes on subjects like physics, psychology, decompression theory, equipment and the underwater world.
But Science of diving is also the foundation for the SSI Dive Control Specialist course, if a SSI Divemaster chooses to go on to the next level. Fascinated divers will collect worth-while experiences in the SSI Dive Control Specialist Program. SSI Dive Control Specialist is the first step in the area of dive instructing, to teach new divers. There are 3 ways to get into it. One can do the dive guide, science of diving and dive control specialist alone or together, or you can go into it a divemaster of another organization. What else can you do? You can accompany divers in a dive as a guide, assist SSI instructors or you can teach in the classroom or in the pool under supervision. You can also teach the scuba skills update, the snorkeling and the try scuba program ( in the pool/ limited free water).


SSI Price List

Try Scuba Diving 4.000 thb 2 boat dives, 1 day
Scuba Diver Course 9.500 thb 2 boat dives, 2 days
Open Water Diver Course starts from 13.500 thb 4 boat dives, 3 days
Refresh Course 4.000 thb 2 boat dives, 1 day
Advanced Adventure Course starts from 12.500 thb 5 boat dives, 2 days on a 1/2 day trip
  starts from 13.500 thb 5 boat dives, 2 days
(1st Day - 1/2 day trip, 2nd Day - 2nd day on a day trip with 3 dives)
Stress and Rescue Spec. starts from 12.500 thb 4 boat dives, 3 days
Specialties   on request
Divemaster   on request